INX Blockchain Asset Trading Solutions.

INX has invested 2 years developing its proprietary trading technology with a unique, regulation minded ground-up approach. INX Solutions will debut listing and trading of digital assets with full regulatory compliance, fair trading policies, security protocols and privacy procedures. We aim to address cross-border, high volume trading, with a unique matching engine running behind a robust and scalable set of microservices predominately focused on regulated trading.

Cloud-enabled, highly scalable system, based on Kubernetes technology.

  • Supports the trading of various digital assets, not limited to one or two blockchains

  • Powerful matching engine, running behind a robust and scalable set of microservices

  • Highly scalable architecture designed for intelligent adjustment to support high frequency trading with significant load

  • Instant asset trading settlement (No more T+)  

  • Supporting both online and OTC trading

  • Buy/Sell cryptocurrencies

  • Buy/Sell security tokens. We plan to enable derivatives trading in the future

  • Support main order types (Market, Limit, Stop)

Secured and Regulated

Supporting all industry security standards for user data encryption including GDPR compliance & user verifications

Algorithms to validate customer identity, fund management components, and secured connectivity with the different blockchain nodes.

Professional Interface designed for both institutional and retail investors

  • 1

    Cross-platform unified frontend UI (Desktop, PC, Mac, iOS, Android)

  • 2

    A dedicated interface for market makers and High Frequency traders that allows for algorithmic trading resulting in increased liquidity

  • 3

    Trading API, based on microservice architecture that manages all trading endpoints

  • 4

    API interface for broker dealers, corporate financiers, traders and market makers

Technical analysis tools for pre-trading purposes

Significant charting and technical analysis tools for retail and professional traders

Keep Track of Reports, balances and Wallet Management

Trade confirmation and reporting tools to continually monitor and manage blotter

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