The Token Offering Page

The INX token sale website (https://token.inx.co/), is filled with information explaining all you need to know on the INX token offering. Right at the header of the page, you'll find the token offering registration. We recommend scrolling through the home page and learning more about what we offer and the concept we developed in order to familiarize yourself with our offer. Once you're ready, or if you've already done this, feel free to click on the orange-red "Subscribe to the offering."

Account set-up

After you've clicked the "Subscribe to the offering" button, you'll be led to a page that says "Welcome to the INX token sale." In the form on the right of it, fill out the queries and submit. Congratulations, your email is now registered with INX, and you're starting the journey of becoming a new wave investor! Next, to the email inbox! offer. Once you're ready, or if you've already done this, feel free to click on the orange-red "Subscribe to the offering.”

Email verification

In your inbox, you should receive a verification email like this one above. Click "Verify" and you will be redirected to the registration process. You're getting closer!

Identity Type

After clicking "Verify" in your verification email, you will be redirected to the verification stage requesting if you are an individual or an entity. In this tutorial, we will be focusing on individual investors. As part of a regulated offering, you will be required to go through a  KYC/AML verification. These are critical to the onboarding process. We want investors, who we can trust, cleaning up the mistakes of the past of ICOs, and doing it the right way.

Individual Identity Verification 

First, you'll need to enter your personal details and county of residence. At the next step, you will need to provide a verifiable ID, so the personal details must match. Do not use any nicknames or shortened versions of your name. Please use your full legal name.

Identity Verification Pt. 2

After entering your details, you'll be given a confirmation sheet just to make sure everything is in order. We recommend using a permanent, fixed address for this process, not work-based, unless you are applying as an entity. Check if everything is there. If so, continue to the next round: your investing amount! 

Investment Amount

You've finally arrived at the moment where you get to pick how much you want to invest. The minimum investment to participate in the offering is  $1,000. You will be presented with three different levels of investment:
- US $1,000-10,000
- US $10,000-50,000
- US $50,000+

Investment Verification

After selecting the investment amount, please upload After selecting the investment amount, the following AML & KYC measures should be provided:

Investment between $1000 -$10,000
will require the standard KYC Identification and upload address verification document. for the proof of address any of the following documents can be used

- Utility bill posted within the last three months (gas, water, electricity, council tax, internet landline)

- Bank statement/credit card bill posted within the last three months or

- Full Driving License card (front and rear) if it has address details. 

Investment between $10,000 and $50,000 
Will require a proof of address (as described above) and additional questions to be answered regarding your background and source of wealth (SOW) 

- Employment Details (Job Description and Company name), If Retired (previous job description and Company name)

- Amount Indication for your current salary?

- What kind of assets do you hold? And indication of assets amount that hold by you? 

Investment that is more than $50,000 

As above requirements and in addition upload documents to prove the source of your income or assets. Suitable documents can be: Bank statements or portfolio statements, Trading statements, Ownership and value of stocks and bonds, Deposit account statements. Proof of assets document/certified investment/savings certificates. Salary notifications, Signed letter detailing funds from a regulated accountant or Tax returns with taxable income details


Select the method with which you would like to verify your address. You can use a passport, driver's license, or any kind of government-issued form of identification. We typically recommend using a passport for this step, but we do accept other legitimate types of identification.
After you've uploaded your verification, please confirm that the image you've uploaded of your piece of identification is of a high enough resolution. There can't be any blur on the image, otherwise the system will reject it. The image should be around 640 by 480 pixels. When you're confident that the ID is reasonably legible, please click "Confirm."

Documentation readability check

After you've uploaded your identification, the INX Ltd. team will review to confirm the pieces of ID are indeed legitimate and issued by a legal authority, and this window will pop up. Once we have confirmed your ID and you receive the "Verified" designation (screenshot below), you can proceed to the next step. You are now free to move into the investment process!

Terms & Agreements

Before you start the investing process, we want you to thoroughly understand what this is all about. In this step of the process, we've laid out the Terms and Conditions, Offering and Risk Disclosures, and Additional Acknowledgements. As a company built on blockchain technology, we fully believe in transparency as a critical tenet of our token sale and modus operandi. We also encourage that you please read the terms of use. 

Select an Account

Select the account through which you’d like to receive your INX tokens. INX runs on the Ethereum blockchain, so you’ll have to enter an Ethereum address under “Receiving ETH Address.”

After you select an account, you select your payment method. The options are BTC, ETH, USD, and USDC. If you decide to pay in U.S. dollars, you’ll essentially be doing a wire transfer.

INX Token Purchase Agreement

Here, you’re acknowledging you’ve read all the terms and conditions, and finally signing. You’ll have an hour to do so, and if you don’t acknowledge and sign within 60 minutes the purchase will expire. The security of our investors is of utmost importance.

Make a payment

Here’s where you actually pay. Once you’ve submitted the wire (if you’re paying in USD) or transferred the crypto (if you’re going the BTC, ETH, or USDC route) and INX receives the payment, your INX token(s) will be sent to the Ethereum wallet address you’ve provided.

Here, we’ve paid with a wire transfer. If you had selected a crypto payment option, the only difference here is that instead of the wire information, you’d be receiving the wallet address to which you’d send your payment.

How can I see the INX token on my wallet?

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is an ecosystem on which you can generate all different types of tokens and coins. INX runs on the Ethereum blockchain. 
Normally, wallet apps displays ERC20 standard tokens you own on your account page. If the INX token is not listed automatically, you will need to add it manually using the add custom token option on your app.

Here is the list of parameters you will need to define in the add custom token form

INX Contract address :


Number of decimals : 18 

Token symbol : INX Token

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